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For Shoppers.

These are stores that you will like. Each has a specialty and they really know what to stock.

By Shoppers.

Many of our stores were posted by shoppers like you. If you love a local store with a website, post it!

If it's unique, it came from a small store.

Amazon sells commodity products. For everyday use. Small stores have buyers that are tuned into today's trends. They love what they sell. And they have a customer support phone. Call them!

Most stores invest in online sales.

Great webstores are commonplace today. But until now, these sites were buried by search engines that give big online stores top ranking and all others left to brawl in keyword auctions.

Small stores are integral to their community.

Buying online from any small store means jobs, skills and local taxes. Most of us don't want to labor away at an Amazon distribution center.

What people are saying...

Jennifer M.

"iHeartUnique is like Pinterest. I see product choices from all stores, not pages of search text."

Terri M.

"I love that I have other choices beside the big stores like Amazon and Walmart."

Linda S.

"I had no idea there are so many great little stores on the web.I love it!"